The fifth Asian Conference on Membrane Computing (ACMC 2016) provides an open platform to bring together scholars worldwide to present their recent work on membrane computing. The topics of this conference are as follows (but not limited to):

Theoretical aspects of membrane computing

  • Various variants of computing models: cell-, tissue- and neural-like P systems
  • Computing power of membrane computing models
  • Computing efficiency of membrane computing models

Applications of membrane computing

  • Robots controller design
  • Modeling using P systems for biological systems, ecological systems, traffic systems, etc.
  • Membrane-inspired optimization algorithms for various problems
  • Other applications

Implementation of membrane computing models

  • Software implementation
  • Hardware implementation
  • Biological implementation
  • Other implementation

Bio-Inspired Optimization Techniques

  • Genetic algorithm (Inspired by DNA)
  • Membrane algorithms (Inspired by cells), etc

ACMC 2016 also welcome the submissions from other research areas related to membrane computing or dealing with cellular computing such as DNA computing.